The Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Padjadjaran, has numerous achievements and innovations applied broadly. The innovations were promoted by several lecturers who teach at F.Kep Unpad. One of these innovations was developed by Restuning Widiasih SKp.MKep. Sp.Mat. PhD. She created an innovation with the title “KESTURI Application for Maternity and Reproductive Health Consultation.” Moreover, several other lecturers also have innovations. The data of innovations in Faculty of Nursing UNPAD including:

A. KESTURI – Aplikasi Konsultasi Maternity dan Kesehatan Reproduksi (2019)

Peneliti: Restuning Widiasih S.Kp., M.Kep., Sp.Mat., Ph.D

The KESTURI application is an online consultation media as an alternative to maintain women’s health during Social Distancing and empowers women and families to actively increase knowledge and maintain health during pregnancy and reproductive health. This application consists of features, including a consultation hotline with specialist doctors and nurses, information on maternity health and reproductive health, tips on maintaining health, online service agenda and donations for mothers to help mothers.


  1. Improving Women’s Health during pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum.
  2. Meningkatkan Qualitas Hidup perempuan penderita Kanker dan HIVAIDS .
  3. Increase awareness and ability of women and their families in maintaining health and preventing disease.
  4. Providing a medium for women to help each other.


  1. Providing health consultation. 
  2. Providing health information.
  3. Meng-empower perempuan dan keluarga untuk menjaga kesehatan .
  4. Sharing with other women with mother’s donation, help mother.

B. Integration of Cross-Campus Nursing Learning (2019)

Peneliti: Hana Rizmadewi Agustina S.Kp., MN

Enhancing the understanding of concepts and practices related to Supportive care, Palliative care and End of Life Care in Indonesia.


  1. Synchronization of learning and teaching processes involving multicampus.
  2. Capacity building untuk staf pengajar di lingkungan FKep Unpad .
  3. Sharing knowledge for student educators and practitioners in other health nursing fields.


Enhancing the understanding of concepts and practices related to Supportive care, Palliative care and End of Life Care in Indonesia.

C. Nursing Employment Software Version 1.0 (2019)

Peneliti: Irman Somantri S.Kp., M.Kep.

A software to calculate the number of nurses in several units of the ward and type of hospital. 

Knowing the number of nurses needed in a ward and emergency room and the distribution of shifts in the service schedule for nurses in that room.

Make it easy for nursing managers and hospitals to calculate the minimum number of nurses needed in accordance with laws and regulations and certain formulas.

D. NURSBOX - Application of Integrated Nursing Care Documentation at the Puskesmas (2019)

Peneliti: Neti Juniarti S.Kp M.Kes. MNurs. Ph.D

NURSBOX has the advantage of being one of the media for storing public health data in all puskesmas areas and conducting integrated analysis so that it becomes a public health database. In addition, NURSBOX is also equipped with a GPS recording device that can be used to map health problems that exist in the community every time nurses make home visits or coaching in the community.

NURSBOX aims to integrate communication media with documentation of nursing care that is carried out both inside the puskesmas building and outside the family and community visit building to improve the quality of nursing services to the community.

The benefits of this application are to provide convenience in nurse communication at the Puskesmas and also to facilitate documentation of nursing care both in the puskesmas building and in the family and community. This NursBox application has a social impact where nurses can systematically document each of their activities so that the health of individual families and communities in the working area of ​​the Puskesmas can be monitored properly. In addition, the documentation carried out at NURSBOX can be used as physical evidence that family and community development has been carried out which can later be used for promotion for nurses at the Puskesmas.

E. Padjadjaran VR – Simulasi VR asuhan keperawatan pada pasien ISPA (2019)

Authors: Ryan Hara Permana, Mira Suryani, Erick Paulus, Windy R. , Dian Adiningsih

Virtual Reality VR for simulating nursing care in pediatric patients with ARI that can be installed on smartphones for nursing students.

Exercise media as preparation before nursing lab practice.


Improving cognitive abilities regarding nursing care procedures in pediatric patients with ARI.