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Neti Juniarti, S.Kp., M.Kes., MNurs., PhD

The Nursing Profession is a professional study program that is an integral part of the Bachelor of Nursing study program. This must be taken by students who graduated from the undergraduate nursing program to be able to achieve the Ners degree and obtain competence as a professional nurse. Currently, those eligible to enroll in the Nursing Professional Study Program at Universitas Padjadjaran are only limited to those who graduated from the Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Padjadjaran.

Vision of the Study Program

Becoming a Nursing Study Program with a global reputation that is impactful to the community and that holistically, comprehensively, and sustainably excels in palliative nursing in improving the health degree and quality of life of the community.

Mission of the Study Program

  1. Organizing quality learning programs based on distinguished character, chivalry, and creativity in accordance with Universitas Padjadjaran’s unique characteristics, JAWARA (Jagoan, Wani, Rancage).
  2. Organizing and integrating research into the learning process that excels in palliative nursing in a holistic, integrated, and sustainable manner, in improving the health status and quality of life of the community.
  3. Organizing community service and integrating the results into the learning process as an application of science and technology, specifically through palliative nursing services in a holistic, integrated, and sustainable manner, to improve the community’s health status and quality of life.
  4. Developing a network of collaboration both at home and abroad to strengthen the implementation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education.
  5. Producing graduates with exceptional competency outcomes in palliative nursing in a holistic, integrated, and sustainable manner to improve the community’s health status and quality of life.
  6. Produce graduates who have comprehensive competencies in carrying out ethical and legal practices, professional nursing practice, leadership and management, research and education, self-development and professionalism.


Graduates Competencies

After graduating, students will have competencies and authority in:

  1. Provide nursing care to patients in their charge.
  2. Provide nursing care and services in the community.
  3. Educate others.
  4. Conduct simple research independently and/or in groups.
  5. Manage nursing services.
  6. Collaborate with affiliations and actively participate as a member of the healthcare team.
  7. Mampu memberikan asuhan peka budaya dengan menghargai sumber-sumber etnik, agama atau faktor lain dari setiap pasien yang unik.
  8. Able to ensure the quality of holistic care continuously and consistently.
  9. Able to apply the nursing process to solve client problems.
  10. Able to advocate to defend clients’ rights to make decisions for themselves.
  11. Able to demonstrate technical nursing skills in accordance with the SOP.
  12. Able to combine various aspects to meet client health needs.
  13. Able to perform modality therapy as needed.
  14. Able to conduct health services in accordance with applicable policies in the health sector.
  15. Able to collaborate nursing services.
  16. Able to provide support to the care team by maintaining accountability for the nursing care executed.
  17. Able to use effective interpersonal skills in teamwork and nursing care by maintaining collaborative relationships.

The Nursing Professional study program is a continuation of the Undergraduate Nursing Education at the Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Padjadjaran. The professional program, which is carried out intensively in several nursing practice settings, aims to produce professional nurses who are competent in their knowledge, attitudes, and skills.


The Nursing Unpad professional program graduates are able to do nursing practice independently because they receive learning experiences and practices regarding:

  1. Wound care
  2. Complementary therapy
  3. Basic Trauma Cardiac Life Support (BTCLS)
Academic Workload

The institution curriculum structure of the 2016 Nursing Professional program of the Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Padjadjaran, has a total of 36 credits with the following allocation: 29 credits (80%) of the AIPNI core curriculum and 7 credits (20%) distributed in accordance with the vision and mission of the Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Padjadjaran, as well as current issues and needs of local, national, and global communities.

Lecturers of the Program

Lecturers of the Professional Nursing Study Program

1Dr. Ati Surya Mediawati, S.Kp.,M.Kep19661119 199003 2 001DoctorateFundamental Of Nursing
2Kurniawan Yudianto, S.Kp., M.Kep.19750810 200604 1 002Master'sFundamental Of Nursing
3Gusgus Ghraha R, M.Kep.,NS.Sp.,Kep.An19790815 200604 1 009Specialist Master'sPediatric Nursing
4Ikeu Nurhidayah, S.Kep.,Ners.,M.Kep19830405 200604 2 001Master'sPediatric Nursing
5Sri Hendrawati, S.Kep.,Ners.M.Kep19861120 201604 4 001Master'sPediatric Nursing
6Iyus Yosep, S.Kp.,M.Si.,M.Sc19700706 199903 1 002Master'sMental Health Nursing
7Iceu Amira DA, S.Sos, S.Kep, Ners, M.Kes19650311 199203 2 005Master'sMental Health Nursing
8Efri Widianti, S.Kep.,Ners.,M.Kep,Sp.Kep.J19820118 200604 2 003Specialist Master'sMental Health Nursing
9Anastasia Anna, S.Kp., M.Kes.19621127 200003 2 001Master'sCritical Nursing
10Etika Emaliyawati, S.Kep.,Ners.,M.Kep19770714 200701 2 002Master'sCritical Nursing
11Chandra Isabella HP.,S.Kp., M.Kep19760111 200501 2 001Master'sMedical-Surgical Nursing
12Urip Rahayu, S.Kep.,M.Kep19750128 200812 1 002Master'sMedical-Surgical Nursing
13Sandra Pebrianti, S.Kep, Ners., M.Kep19870214 201101 2 002Master'sMedical-Surgical Nursing
14Ahmad Yamin, S.Kp., M.Kes., Sp.Kom19650210 198803 1 001Specialist Master'sCommunity Nursing
15Witdiawati, S.Kep, Ners, M.Kep19791126 200312 2 004Master'sCommunity Nursing
16Desy Indra Yani, S.Kep.,Ners, M.Kep19821201 200604 2 001Master'sCommunity Nursing
17Hj. Sukmawati, S.Sos, S.Kep, Ners, M.Kes19620507 198303 2 010Master'sMaternity Nursing
18Ida Maryati, S.Kp., M.Kep.Sp. Mat19771202 200312 2 001Specialist Master'sMaternity Nursing
19Ermiati, S.Kp, M.Kep.Sp.Mat.19730730 200801 1 015Specialist Master'sMaternity Nursing
Practice Sites for the Nursing Profession Program

There are several practice sites for students to conduct the Nursing Professional Program (Program Profesi Ners [PPN]) activities. Practical sites in each batch of the Nursing Professional Program depends on the analysis of the needs and the availability of the sites, which include:

  1. Puskesmas Babakan Sari Kota Bandung (Babakan Sari Primary Healthcare Center, Bandung)
  2. Puskesmas Haurpanggung – Garut (Haurpanggung Primary Healthcare, Garut)
  3. Panti Sosial Rehabilitasi Lanjut Usia Ciparay (Ciparay Social Rehabilitation Center for the Elderly)
  4. Panti Sosial Rehabilitasi Lanjut Usia Garut (Garut Social Rehabilitation Center for the Elderly)
  5. Yayasan Pembina & Asuhan Bunda (Pembina & Asuhan Bunda Foundation)
  6. Panti Sosial Tresna Werdha Budi pertiwi (Tresna Werdha Budi Pertiwi Social Center)
  7. Rumah Sakit Umum Dr. Slamet Garut (Dr. Slamet Garut Regional Public Hospital)
  8. Rumah Sakit Umum Pusat Dr. Hasan Sadikin Bandung (Dr. Hasan Sadikin Bandung Central Public Hospital)
  9. Puskesmas Jatinangor (Jatinangor Primary Healthcare Center)
  10. Yayasan Nur Ilahi – Garut (Nur Ilahi Foundation, Garut)
  11. Puskesmas Jatinangor (Jatinangor Primary Healthcare Center)
  12. Sekolah Luar Biasa Autisma Cileunyi (Cileunyi Autism Special School)
  13. RSJ Provinsi Jawa Barat Cisarua Cimahi (Provinsi Jawa Barat Cisarua Cimahi Mental Hospital)
Requirements for Students

For the Bachelor of Nursing students who have graduated or have passed the Yudisium. Registration is held on June 27 to July 20, 2022 (In accordance with the predetermined requirements).
Requirements that must be attached are as follow:

  1. ID Card (KTP)
  2. Diploma & Transcript/Certificate of graduation
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Certificate of health and color blindness
  5. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) Certificate
  6. Drug-free certificate
  7. Coloured photo on white background (500 kb)
  8. Black and white photo (500 kb)
Tuition Fee

As stated on the decision of the Rector of Universitas Padjadjaran No. 263/UN6.RKT/Kep/HK/2019 regarding the Determination of Single Tuition Fees (UKT) for New Students of Professional, Specialist, Master, and Doctoral Programs of Universitas Padjadjaran Academic Year of 2019/2020: New Single Tuition Fee of Rp. 9,000,000.- charge. Rp. 9.000.000

*Fee may change according to the needs analysis.

Institutions Where Graduates Work

Some institutions where graduates of the Nursing Profession program work:

  1. Public and private hospitals
  2. United Arab Emirate Hospitals (Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi)
  3. Hospitals and Aged Care in Japan
  4. Hospitals in Singapore
  5. Hospitals in the Netherlands
  6. Health office departments
  7. Health centers
  8. BPJS Health
  9. Health clinics
  10. Medical device companies
Competency Test

Nurse Competency Test Try Out XX, held on February 15-16, 2020 :


Professional Guidebook

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Guideline for Implementation of Nursing Study Program 2017

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Collaboration that has been implemented by the Nursing Professional Program with other institutions in addition to the collaboration related to the practice sites, among others are:

  1. Wirakarta Training Centre (WTC), Socialization of Internship and Lecture Program on July 5, 2019
  2. Bina Kaigo Kango, Consideration of Collaboration and Student Internship to Japan on July 15, 2019
  3. Bina Generasi Bangsa Foundation, Student Internship to Japan on July 15, 2019
  4. Specialized Hospital for Mother and Child Astana Anyar Bandung, Employee recruitment collaboration on October 9, 2019
  5. University of Newcastle, Australia
  6. University of Antwerp, Belgium

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