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Hi, Unpaders!

Specifically for Unpad graduates of 2019, let’s help succeed the Tracer Study Unpad activity! Tracer Study is an alumni tracing study that aims to get feedback from Unpad graduates to improve and develop the quality of learning system as to prepare for graduates who are in accordance with the competencies needed in the workfield.

To fill in, please access the following link:
by Saturday, August 7, 2021 at 16.00 WIB.

Akang and Teteh’s participation is very much anticipated.
Don’t miss it!
Unpad Career Development Center
Instagram: karier.unpad
Line OA: @kdm8173r
LinkedIn: Tracer Study and Career Development Universitas Padjadjaran

IKA UNPAD Commisariat Faculty of Nursing

Chairperson: Ristina Mirwanti, S.Kep., Ners, M.Kep.
E-mail :


“Making IKA FKEP as a SOLID 2022 alumni forum”


• Building a familial relationship with FIK Unpad alumni both at home and abroad.
• Optimizing the role of the alumni association as a partner in the development of the alma mater.
• Making community service as the focus of alumni dedication and empowerment.
• Participating in the scientific development of the nursing profession in Indonesia.
• Able to build the organization’s funding sources independently.