Interests and Talents


  • Definition
  • Objective
  • Forms/types of service
  • The procedural flow to receive the service
  • Contacts to get the service

What is the Interests and Talents Development Service?

The Interests and Talents Development Service is a facility provided to help develop students' interests and talents and channel their hobbies.

What is the purpose of the Interests and Talents Development Service?

This facility aims to:

  • Develop students’ abilities based on their interests and talents.
  • Facilitate students to do positive activities that synergize with the learning process.

What types of services are offered?

The development and implementation of the activities of the Faculty of Nursing students’ interests and talents are accommodated through student organizations such as BEM, BPM, and Student Activity Units under the coordination of BEM, in the following form of activities:

  • Supervision and development in the field of reasoning and critical thinking: ranging from Scientific Writing Competitions, National Student Seminars, Selection of Outstanding Students, to International Student Exchange. One of the clubs that fall under this form of activities is the reasoning club called Paramedic.
  • Sports: ranging from routine sports club activities to participation in competitions, both at local and national levels. There are three sports clubs, futsal, basketball, and badminton.
  • Spirituality: at the faculty level, there are two spiritual organizations, Rohis QA (Quwwatul ‘Azzam Islamic Spirituality) and PMKK (Christian and Catholic Student Association).
  • Protocol services.
  • Arts and culture: there are three clubs/art units, which are the Jaipong dance, Angklung, and Choir units.
  • Profession activities in the form of Padjadjaran Nursing Corp (PNC) activity unit. This unit accommodates students who have interests related to the field of emergency care.
  • Organizational activities at the university level: The University BEM/BPM KEMA, along with Students Activity Units (UKM) that accommodates students’ interests and talents at the university level.

What is the procedural flow to get the Interests and Talents Development Services?

If you are interested in participating in various Interests and Talents Development activities, you can contact the BEM or the Manager of Education and Student Affairs of the Faculty of Nursing Unpad. You can also receive various information related to the activities during the New Students Orientation.

Who to contact for the Interests and Talents Development Services:

Coordinator of the Faculty of Nursing Health Team
Ristina Mirwanti, S.Kep., Ners., M.Kep.

Phone/ WhatsApp: 085222595531