Nursing Center Unpad

Nursing Center Unpad is one of the services offered by the Faculty of Nursing at Universitas Padjadjaran that provides various health services for the general public, health training, as well as research training.

Health service

The blood pressure checking, cholesterol, glucose, uric acid, healthful gymnastics (Tai Chi, Yoga, Brain gym, Zumba), relaxation, massage and therapy (stress reduction and management), weight management, Balance check and dementia, treadmill and static bike, program of overcoming chronic disease (PROLANIS), the nursing of work health, modern wound care, Oxitocyn massage for mother’s milk, and EKB checking.

The Health training

  1. Community health center training
  2. Nursing center training
  3. Nursebox training
  4. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training
  5. Peer counseling training
  6. The handling of maternity-neonatal emergency training
  7. The early detection of stunting of pregnant mothers and female teenager training
  8. The alert maternity-neonatal training
  9. The women’s self-defense training

The research training

  1. The introduction of Systematic Review training
  2. The Quantitative Research method training
  3. The Qualitative Research method training

Product in Nursing center and Community Health Nursing

  1. The book of nursing center
  2. The book of Ethnography-ethnoursing Study
  3. The application of Nursing theory in the area of Maternity and new-born baby
  4. The journal of ACHNR (Asian Community Health Nursing Reach)
  5. The application of NurseBox


“The application of documentation on counseling of the integrated nursing at community health center”

  • Health check-up
  • Communication media
  • Documentation system of nursing counseling
  • Geographic Information system