Puspa Daycare


Child Care Facility of PUSPA is an educational institution established on June 15, 2010, by the Decision Letter of Dean of Nursing Faculty No.94/H6.7.7.fik/fek/kp/2010. The specialty of the child care facility is the integration between child care service and education of early-age child which is comprehensive, whether it is the bio, psycho, social, spiritual, and also along with the monitoring of child growth.

Vision and Mision

The vision of the Child Care Facility is as the center of the child care facilitating the optimal child growth who can have sense feeling of environment and mastering information technology.

The missions are :
1. Providing the nursing and caring toward the healthy children based on the growth phase to reach the optimal life quality of children.
2. Providing early age education gives the sense feeling of the environment and technology-based.
3. Providing a comprehensive nursing and health service as the submission of society toward all university members.
4. Carrying out research and development to improve the quality of healthy child nursing service.


The child nursing and caring and early age education targets are abandoned children due to the parents’ routine and activity or other things from 2 months until six years. The service providers are professional nurses and the Faculty of Nursing Padjadjaran University students and educators graduating from UIN and PGTK.


The types of services provided in the childcare program include caregiving services for children aged 2 months to 6 years, from Monday to Friday, starting at 07:30 AM until 4:00 PM. The core services provided are:

  1. Providing food and drinks
  2. Maintaining personal hygiene
  3. Providing rest or nap time
  4. Providing playtime
  5. Physical and psychological self-reliance training

In addition to the core services, the healthy child care center also provides additional services such as:

  1. Monitoring child growth and development
  2. Providing child development stimulation
  3. Health check-ups
  4. Lactation corner for breastfeeding mothers
  5. Baby massage and Baby Gym

Furthermore, the early childhood education program at this health care center includes:

  • Core learning package: religion, learning the alphabet, developing fine motor skills (reading, writing, simple arithmetic with a playful concept)
  • Secondary learning package: culture, English language, arts, sports, and creativity development.