History of Nursing Faculty

Faculty of Nursing is one of the faculties at Padjadjaran University holding a high education of nursing in Indonesia, previously known as Study Program of Nursing Science (PSIK). The Study Program of Nursing Science was established in 1994 in accordance to the Decision of the Rector of Padjadjaran University No. 145a/PT06H/Kep/C/94 and strengthened by the decision of Dikti No. 200/DIKTI/Kep/998.

The Study Program of Nursing Science was under the Medical Faculty of Padjadjaran University, and organized the education of the Nursing Scholar and Profession Program of Ners using the integrated curriculum of high education of nursing. However, starting in the year of 2000, the curriculum in national high education of nursing changed, where there was separation between the academic program and profession program.

Along with the development and the demand of Study Program of Nursing Science, which was previously under the Medical Faculty, it was upleveled to the Faculty of Nursing science (FIK) in accordance with decision of Director General of Dikti No. 1827/D/T/2005 dated June 1, 2005. According to the Decision Letter, FIK organized the Study Program of Nursing Scholar and Study Program of Profession of Ners.

Then, on September 2, 2013, Faculty of Nursing Science changed its name into Faculty of Nursing (FKep) according to the Decision Letter of Rector No. 3268/UN6.RKT/KP/2013, this change also considered that nursing education is not only academical, but also professional.This time, besides organizing the Bachelor Program (S1) and Profession Program (Ners), Faculty of Nursing is also holding the Master Degree of Nursing since August 28, 2009 based on SK Dirjen Dikti No. 1520/D/T/2009.