• Definition
  • Objective
  • Forms/types of service
  • The procedural flow to receive the service
  • Contacts to get the service

What is the Health Service?

The Health Service is a facility provided for students regarding their health, whether it is preventative (disease prevention), promotive (improving health), curative (disease treatment), or rehabilitative (recovery).

What are the objectives of the Health Service?

This facility aims to:

  • Improve the health status of students so that they are able to follow the learning process accordingly
  • Detect and overcome the students’ health problems as early as possible so that they do not interfere with their learning process

What types of services are offered?

The health facilities available in the Faculty of Nursing and Universitas Padjadjaran include:

  1. Integrated Service Unit/UPT Health

The university has provided basic health services in the campus environment through the Integrated Service Unit (Unit Pelayanan Terpadu/UPT Kesehatan). This type of health service is organized by the university in the form of health assessments at the beginning of the new student admissions period. The Integrated Service unit also provide services according to the needs of students as long as they are officially registered as students. Tok know more information about UPT Kesehatan Unpad, you may access these links:

  1. Health insurance from an insurance provider appointed by the university

Students also get health insurance from the providers appointed by the university, especially during the time of Community Service implementation, which happens in the rural regions.

  1. Health screening at the academic and professional stages

Health screening is a form of health care that is done at the academic and professional levels. This screening is done specifically to detect infectious diseases such as TB and nutritional disorders such as anemia. Through the execution of this screening, health problems that you may experience may be detected and intervened with early so that a more severe health condition may be prevented.
Before you undergo the Nursing Profession program, you can also undergo a hepatitis B screening and vaccination.

  1. First aid services by the Faculty of Nursing Study Programs in coordination with PNC (Padjadjaran Nursing Corps).

First aid services are carried out by the Faculty of Nursing Study Programs in coordination with PNC, which consist of lecturers in charge and students who have received first aid training. The Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Padjadjaran, has a first aid facility for you and the staff to use in this situation.

What is the procedural flow to get the health services at the Faculty of Nursing?

Should you feel the need for the health services described above, you can directly visit each existing facility.

Who to contact for the health services:

Coordinator of the Faculty of Nursing Health Team
Ristina Mirwanti, S.Kep., Ners., M.Kep.

Phone/ WhatsApp: 085222595531